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In order to let our audiences — including our stakeholders and shareholders — keep update with our achievement in a shorter interval than our annual report, we have developed our monthly achievement displayed below.

ACLEDA Bank Plc.'s Achievement
As of June 30, 2019
Total Number of Branches 262
Total Staff (including ACLEDA Institute of Business and ACLEDA Securities Plc.) 12,108
Male 7,221
Female 4,887
Number of active borrowers 398,835
Percentage of female borrowers 54.62%
Total loan portfolio US$ 3,541,257,234
Revolving credit line US$ 38,773,114
Small-sized enterprise loan US$ 1,718,708,350
Medium-sized enterprise and corporate loan US$ 1,150,991,871
Personal loan US$ 101,927,436
Housing loan US$ 165,648,969
Other loan US$ 365,207,493
Total number of all account types 2,199,360
Amount in US dollar US$ 4,047,487,355

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